5-in-1 Men's Health Supplement

Introducing ZMAN+, your ultimate partner in men’s health.

This pure, potent, 5-in-1 formula bolsters testosterone levels, supports lean muscle mass, enhances mood, and aids in sleep and recovery.

Featuring Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D3, and Boron, ZMAN+ is a ZMA supplement that not only covers the essentials, but goes beyond them. 

ZMAN+ gives you the edge you need to maintain your prime, longer.



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Everything You Need To Know

About ZMAN+

ZMAN+ is a powerful, high potency men’s health supplement designed to support overall vitality and combat the effects of ageing. With a comprehensive 5-in-1 formula, ZMAN+ leverages the benefits of five key ingredients – Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, and Boron. These are strategically combined to enhance testosterone levels, boost strength, improve mood, and aid in sleep and recovery. 

It’s vegan-friendly, caffeine-free, and committed to purity and potency, standing as a testament to the perfect synergy of nature and science.

ZMAN+ is a ZMA supplement with a difference:

  • ZMAN+ uses Magnesium Glycinate instead of Magnesium Aspartate to boost absorption, and its efficacy in sleep and recovery
  • ZMAN+ uses Zinc Glycinate because it has the highest absorption rate among all Zinc forms
  • ZMAN+ contains Boron and Vitamin D in addition to typical ZMA ingredients, to boost testosterone levels, bone health, muscle strength and function, and anti-inflammatory effects

ZMAN+ works by providing a selection of essential nutrients that are known to support the natural production of testosterone in the body.

Key ingredients such as Zinc and Magnesium are directly involved in the biosynthesis of testosterone. Vitamin D is known to contribute to maintaining optimal testosterone levels, while Boron has been studied for its potential role in supporting healthy testosterone production.

Furthermore, Selenium and Vitamin B6 help regulate metabolism and hormonal balance, indirectly assisting in maintaining healthy testosterone levels. All these elements combined make ZMAN+ a potent tool for supporting your body’s testosterone production.

ZMAN+ stands apart in its dedication to science-backed efficacy and integrity. Unlike many supplements on the market, ZMAN+ is not a bulk-ordered, off-the-shelf product. Each formula is carefully curated by our team, based on the latest scientific research in men’s health and nutrition. Our approach ensures that every ingredient has a purpose and is included in effective amounts.

Beyond this custom formulation process, ZMAN+ provides a holistic approach to men’s health. Its comprehensive, balanced 6-in-1 formula doesn’t just aim to boost testosterone levels, it supports strength, enhances mood, aids recovery, and promotes deeper sleep. This broad range of benefits allows ZMAN+ to support men’s health in a comprehensive way.

Lastly, our commitment to quality and purity sets ZMAN+ apart. Each batch is produced under rigorous quality control standards. ZMAN+ is vegan-friendly and caffeine-free, making it a clean, high-quality option for those seeking to maintain their prime.

When you choose ZMAN+, you’re not just choosing a supplement – you’re choosing a partner in your health journey that’s committed to science, quality, and your well-being.

Using ZMAN+ is easy and convenient. We recommend taking one tablet per day. You can choose to take it at the start or end of the day, based on your preference.

If you’re active and follow a regular workout routine, taking ZMAN+ immediately after your workout will optimise for strength and growth.

Alternatively, if your focus is on deeper sleep and recovery, you can also take ZMAN+ with your evening meal.

Always ensure to follow the dosage instructions provided on the packaging to get the best results.

Absolutely! ZMAN+ is designed to support overall physical performance and recovery.

By helping maintain healthy testosterone levels, ZMAN+ can support muscle growth and strength, both crucial for achieving fitness goals. Additionally, ingredients like Zinc and Magnesium play a vital role in muscle health and recovery. Therefore, whether your goal is to gain strength, improve endurance, or enhance recovery, ZMAN+ can be an excellent addition to your fitness routine.

Yes, ZMAN+ contains ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6), which is known for its benefits in promoting better sleep quality.

Magnesium, in particular, plays a key role in regulating the body’s sleep cycle. Better sleep can enhance your recovery process and overall well-being, making ZMAN+ a comprehensive solution for maintaining your prime.

Yes, ZMAN+ can certainly be beneficial for vegans and vegetarians. The nutrients included in ZMAN+ are essential for overall health and well-being, irrespective of dietary lifestyle.

Many of its nutrients can sometimes be challenging to obtain from a vegan or vegetarian diet. For instance, Vitamin D and certain minerals such as Zinc and Selenium are predominantly found in animal-based foods. Therefore, a supplement like ZMAN+ can help ensure that vegans and vegetarians are getting these crucial nutrients in their diet.

ZMAN+ is formulated with a blend of six essential nutrients: Zinc, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Boron, and Vitamin B6.

Each of these ingredients has been selected for their respective roles in supporting men’s health. From boosting testosterone levels and improving strength to enhancing mood and aiding recovery, these ingredients synergistically work together to provide a comprehensive approach to maintaining your prime.

ZMAN+ stands for purity and potency, making it a clean, high-quality choice for men’s health supplementation.

Each of the ingredients in ZMAN+ has been chosen based on scientific research.

For instance, Zinc and Magnesium are known for their role in testosterone production.

Vitamin D, and Boron have also shown benefits in maintaining optimal testosterone levels.

Additionally, ZMA, a key component in ZMAN+, is recognised for promoting better sleep quality and faster recovery. It’s essential to understand that everyone’s body reacts differently to supplements, but the ingredients in ZMAN+ have been widely studied for their health benefits.

ZMAN+ is formulated with natural ingredients that are considered safe.

As a rule of thumb, always start with the recommended dosage and if you have any side-effects, please contact us.

We are that confident in our product that we will happily issue a refund and look into the problem with our team.

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What Makes ZMAN+ The Complete Package?

Our custom formulation and ingredients have been hand-picked. Here’s why…


Included for its crucial role in promoting healthy testosterone levels, aiding muscle recovery, and enhancing overall physical performance.


This contributes to effective muscle recovery post-exercise and assists in maintaining a healthy nervous system, promoting a better night’s sleep and mitigating stress levels.

Vitamin D

Known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, Vitamin D is chosen for its potent ability to enhance mood, support bone health, and assist in the maintenance of robust testosterone levels.


Boron promotes bone health, aids muscle growth, and enhances cognitive function, making it a key player in supporting overall vitality and strength.

Vitamin B6

Included for its essential role in mood regulation and promoting brain health, Vitamin B6 also assists in the absorption of key nutrients, which contribute to optimal testosterone levels.

This is No Ordinary Supplement


One capsule, not three. Zero time-consuming preparation. ZMAN+ fits effortlessly into your daily routine.

Purpose Made

This is not your average one-size-fits-all supplement. It has been meticulously crafted to help men maintain their prime.


Every ingredient serves a purpose, ensuring you're only consuming what's essential for your wellbeing.


Wellness should not break the bank, which is why ZMAN+ is affordable, and even more cost-effective when you subscribe.

Small Daily Habits, Big Life Changes

There’s an old saying that goes, “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

The path to peak performance and optimum health isn’t achieved overnight; it’s carved out by small, consistent daily actions.

As men age, testosterone levels decrease, leading to reductions in muscle mass, energy, libido and even cognitive function, damaging your appearance, confidence, relationships, sleep and stress levels.

With the right support, this doesn’t have to be your journey.

Taking control of your health and reclaiming your prime is not about monumental changes. It’s about making wise choices daily. Take your first step today.

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